Local Suppliers

Wherever possible we do try to use home produce or very local suppliers – below is a list of our various suppliers:

  • Milk is Somerset milk From Somerset Cows delivered by our very cheery milkman – Richard
  • Eggs are From our Hens – Feel Free to visit them in their Chalet with large chicken garden behind the stables – if our hens are not keeping up we go to Bob at the bottom of our drive, who is always happy to sell them to guests
  • Ditto Sausages also whenever possible come From Bob (also for sale to guests), otherwise when available From Malcolm in Babcary.
  • Bacon is sadly a problem at present due to so many local pig Farmers going out of business, I hope that this can soon change.
  • Mushrooms in season come From our fields, otherwise Somerset mushrooms are used
  • Rocket is grown in our garden in Summer
  • Tomatoes in season grown in the garden by Andrew – please praise them, he needs lots of encouragement!
  • Olive oil grown by our neighbour Sally at her property in South of France.
  • Marmalade made by Susie – Sadly not from Somerset Oranges
  • Jams also made by Susie from fruits grown in the gardens.
  • Honey is produced by Dotty from Babcary whose bees poach our pollen!
  • Butter is from Barbers near Castle Cary