Information Guide for Pets Staying at Cary Fitzpaine House

Welcome to all of you pets to Cary Fitzpaine.  We very much hope we have all the comforts and facilities you would wish for during your stay with us.  Our three Co-Proprietors, two very soppy Golden Retrievers, Totty and Bunny, and our very cool Terrier Tessa, are all very welcoming and accommodating, and always happy to point you towards some lovely walks around our 500 acre farm.  We have some super riverside walks, well away from any roads.  Of course all varieties of pets are welcome, we can accommodate all from horse to hamster!  We have had quite a cocktail of pets staying with us at times, from an ex-Chinese ship’s parrot whose language was somewhat choice to say the least!  To tortoises, snakes, and a giant rabbit – all good fun!


We have plenty of pet friendly walks and places to eat within a close proximity, with maps and information in a folder on the table in the lounge.  Or please do ask if you would like specific advice.  There is also a copy of the Countryside Code in your room to peruse.

Pet friendly pubs:

The Red Lion, Babcary, 01458223230, 2 miles from Cary Fitzpaine.
The Queens Arms, Corton Denham, 01963220317, is further away (10 miles), but a lovely pub, with some great walking country.
The Halfway House, Pitney, 01458 252513, approximately 4 miles.
There is also a much more extensive list in the rooms.

Facilities At Cary Fitzpaine For Pets:

We have hot and cold water and shampoos for pet washing available, and plenty of spare towels, also there are spares of bowls, feeding mats, beds, leads, litter trays, scoops and bags for those who are short of space or, as we all do, have simply forgotten!  Also food can be provided, if a specific variety is required, please let us know when booking (this will be chargeable), otherwise we do have spare feed in stock.  There is refrigerator space available for food.  We also have a pet first aid kit to hand.  We do have a boiler room to dry any wet walking clothes, or indeed any wet dogs if required.

Pets are able to sleep in our rooms so long as they are house trained. We would ask that pets are not left unattended in the rooms, unless in a cage.  We have a sign for you to place on the door handle to warn either us or staff that there is a pet in the room. We are not able to allow pets into the dining room, apart from guide dogs, out of consideration for other guests.  For pets that may get cut short in the night there is easy, quiet access outside, plus a torch in the room. Obviously in the unfortunate event of any damage done to our property by a pet – any damage would be chargeable – this has not happened yet – in twenty years!  We have spare throws for furniture – please just ask, we are more than happy for you to borrow them. There are plenty of paddocks around the house for quick walks.

There is always a drinking bowl outside the front door and a spare ball for throwing.  Although beware of throwing a ball with our dogs around – they do rather take over!

Emergency Vet: Delaware Vetinary Group, Castle Cary, 01963350307
Nearest Pet Supplies: A R Gane,  West Lydford, 3 Miles, 01963 240501

All Pets – and of course – Owners!
Please do have a peaceful and relaxing stay with us at Cary Fitzpaine.